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Diseases Causing Liver Problems And Diabetes Mellitus

Curing Depression

One cannot treat depression as a disease; it cannot be left untreated as there are ways available for depression treatment. Depression is a thing that can happen very frequently and the best suggestion for depression treatment is that it should be carried along with the main treatment. There are various ways for depression treatment, and the most frequently used ones are:

Psychotherapy can be an effective way for depression treatment. Person suffering from depression is generally facing a traumatic period; this is the major reason for his work and life being affected. Time required for the same can vary from a couple of weeks to somewhere around twenty weeks. The main technique that is being used in the therapy is that of counseling which has now become another name for the same. It is not just about the effected person but also about the family members of the same as they are the persons that are affected the most.
IPT therapy is another therapy for depression treatment, but it is a short process consisting of about fifteen to twenty sessions of an hour each. The main concentration of the therapy is to have a look at the root problems of the depressions. Psychodynamic therapy and group therapy are generally supposed to be the various ways of treating depression. In group therapy the effected person is able to interact with the person suffering from the similar trauma and it has proven to be very effective on the part of the affected person.

Different Types of Treatment Available to Cure Acne

Acne is one of the main diseases caused on in the teen ages of boys. This disease will affect mainly on the face of the person than other parts of him. This will be more only in the teen ages. After that it will decrease gradually with time. There are many acne treatment ways. According to the way selected to eliminate the cause, the acne treatment mainly differs. Some of the acne treatment targets sebum. This type of treatment reduces the rate of production of sebum and thus reduces the total outcome of the acne. There are acne treatments which mainly deal with the removing of the formation of the dead cells on the skin. This will also help in curing this disease. Killing of bacteria which cause the disease will be done by some acne treatment medicines. All the acne treatment will depend on the severity of the affected disease. The treatment is selected according to these conditions and situations. There are different types of solutions available in the market. They include alcohol type solutions which are mainly oily in nature. These have low moisturizing effect. But when we apply this type, there will be high irritation.  These will evaporate soon and easily.  Gel type treatment solution will be mostly oily in nature. This will have low moisturizing property. Ointment type treatments will easily dry up than others. They will have low moderating property than others. They can cover more area than others. But it can be greasier too.

How to command your diabetes?

Diabetes control means bringing down your blood glucose level to a normal level as it is going to save your life. Diabetes Control can help in the prevention of many complications that can arise of the problem and can also give you a healthy life.
Controlling of the diabetes is more about the control of the person diet and should be engaged in exercise more often. Measure your blood glucose levels more often. If a person takes insulin he or she must maintain the schedule of the amount consumed. For effective diabetes control one must always follow the routine that is being set by the doctor along with the indications that is being given by him. Proper medication must be taken in order to shorten the life span of this diabetes. Controlling of the weight is also a factor in determining the various ways of the control of the diabetes and one should also keep a watch on the amount of the fat that is being consumed by him daily and should be controlled.

If we exercise, keep record of the sugar level then diabetes control can be accurately done. Many therapies and natural treatments are being used today for proper managing of diabetes. Too much diabetes control is also not good for health as the sugar content may go down and it is not a good sign. Thus we can say that the controlling of diabetes is very important as it is very painful disease and very dangerous too.

Skin Care Tips for Dry Skin

You have a college fest to attend and the dull and dry skin is bugging you. Are you wondering whether to skip the party? Relax; do not panic at the sight of dry and chapped skin. Be brave and follow some natural dry skin care tips to get into the party mood and enjoy the best moments of your life.

Dry skin is prone to sensitivity, being poor in retaining moisture. There are several skin care products for dry skin in the nearby beauty stores which may have solutions for your dry skin; but why spend a fortune when you can prepare good natural skin care recipes for dry skin at home ? Following certain natural skin care basics for dry skin might be handy and useful. So get ready to surprise the crowd and rock the party!

Natural skin care tips for dry skin:

Gentle cleansing: Dry skin demands plenty of cleansing and regular skin cell stimulation. Apply generous proportions of moisturizer to the dry skin. It saturates the outer skin layers with water content and gives a soft and moist look.

Regular cleanser for dry skin: Mix an egg yolk, 1-teaspoon orange juice and olive oil respectively. Add few drops of rose water and limejuice. Apply the paste daily before bath and get ready for a refreshing day. It rejuvenates the skin to a great extent.

Dry Skin Mask: For revitalizing, the dead skin cells prepare a mask comprising an egg, 1 teaspoon of honey, 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil. Add little rosewater drops in the end. Apply the mask and see the result for yourself.

Moisturizing before bed: It is essential to apply night face creams before retiring to bed at night. Rub gently until the cream disappears in your skin. Use a liquid moisturizer or facial oil having natural ingredients. Avoid using firm and hard moisturizing creams.

Milk bath: Indulge in milk bath once in a while to experience the goodness of milk and its moisturizing ability.

Discontinue using the tips if it does not suit your skin type. Always consult an expert if you have any doubts.

What Are Progressive Health Supplements?

Progressive health supplement is a nutrient that is used to enhance our body in short time. Supplements are like catalyst that injects rapidness in any process. Supplements can be any form but usually it is often used in body building. But on the other hand progressive health supplements are formulated to overcome for entire body maintenance.

The supplement targets every section rather aspect of our body. It starts with body weight, hair loss, acne, diarrhea, acid relax, celiac disease, and chron’s disease.  These supplements help to cure problems related to body. These supplements don’t have any known side affect if not used readily. Any supplement be it progressive health supplements or anything else has side affects that cannot be overlooked. Supplements affect the metabolism of a body and it shouldn’t be used orally without any workout or exercise.

These supplements are readily used by the youth to get their wish fulfilled. We all want something which can offer instant result and progressive health supplements have the ideal ingredients to fulfill our wish. Here is the list of products that are considered as best sellers

1.       Advecia is used to fight and overcome hair loss.

2.       Actimine is employed to target acne and dark spots.

3.       Lipitrex is recommended for weight loss and keep your body in shape.

4.       Avatrol is used for allergies such as itching, inflammation and bleeding.

5.       Thyrax is used to catalyze thyroids.

6.       Listol is recommended for those who are enduring retention and concentration problems.

There are other progressive health supplements such as exomine, capisette, exitor, resterol etc.

Islamic Medicine

शुक्राणुहीनता NIL SPERM

पुरुष दिखनें में स्वस्थ हो ताकतवर हो लेकिन उसके शुक्राणु अगर कमजोर हैं तो वो गर्भ धारण नहीं करवा सकते - तो जानें वीर्य में स्वस्थ शुक्राणुओं को बढ़ाने के चंद उपाय - पुरुष के वीर्य में शुक्राणु होते हैं ये शुक्राणु स्त्री के डिम्बाणु को निषेचित कर गर्भ धारण के लिये जिम्मेदार होते हैं - वीर्य में इन शुक्राणुओं की तादाद कम होने को शुक्राणु अल्पता की स्थिति कहा जाता है। शुक्राणु अल्पता को ओलिगोस्पर्मिया कहते हैं लेकिन अगर वीर्य में शुक्राणुओं की मौजूदगी ही नहीं है तो इसे एज़ूस्पर्मिया संग्या दी जाती है ऐसे पुरुष संतान पैदा करने योग्य नहीं होते हैं। वीर्य में स्वस्थ शुक्राणुओं की तादाद कम होने के निम्न कारण हो सकते हैं-- * वीर्य का दूषित होना * अंडकोष पर गरमी के कारण वीर्य में शुक्राणुओं की संख्या कम हो जाती है। ज्यादा तंग अन्डर वियर पहिनने,गरम पानी से स्नान करने, बहुत देर तक गरम पानी के टब में बैठने और मोटापा होने से शुक्राणु अल्पता हो जाती है। * हस्तमैथुन से बार बार वीर्य स्खलित करना * थौडी अवधि में कई बार स्त्री समागम करना * अधिक शारीरिक और मानसिक परिश्रम करना * ज्यादा शराब सेवन करना * अधिक बीडी सिगरेट पीना * गुप्तांग की दोषपूर्ण बनावट होना * शरीर में ज़िन्क तत्व की कमी होना * प्रोस्टेट ग्रंथि के विकार * वीर्य में शुक्राणुओं की संख्या बढाने के लिये निम्न उपाय करने का परामर्ष दिया जाता है-- * दो संभोग या हस्त मैथुन के बीच कम से कम ४ दिन का अंतराल रखें। * नियमित व्यायाम और योग करें। * शराब और धूम्रपान त्याग दें। * अधिक तीक्छण मसालेदार , अम्लता प्रधान और ज्यादा कडवे भोजन हानिकारक है। * ११ बादाम रात को पानी में भिगो दें। सुबह में छिलकर ब्लेन्डर में आधा गिलास गाय के दूध मे,एक चुटकी इलायची,केसर,अदरख भी डालकर चलाएं। यह नुस्खा वीर्य में शुक्राणुओं की तादाद बढाने का अति उत्तम उपाय है। * सफ़ेद प्याज का रस २ किलो निकालें ,इसमें एक किलो शहद मिलाकर धीमी आंच पर पकाएं। जब सिर्फ़ शहद ही बच जाए तो आंच से अलग करलें । इसमें ५०० ग्राम सफ़ेद मूसली का चूर्ण मिलाकर कांच या चीनी मिट्टी के बर्तन में भर लें। सुबह-शाम दो १० से २० ग्राम की मात्रा में लेते रहने से वीर्य में शुक्राणुओं का इजाफ़ा होता है और नपुंसकता नष्ट होती है। * गाजर का रस २०० ग्राम नित्य पीने से शुक्राणु अल्पता में उपकार होता है । * शतावर और असगंध के ५ ग्राम चूर्ण को एक गिलास दूध के साथ पीना बेहद फ़ायदेमंद है। * कौंच के बीज,मिश्री,तालमखाना तीनों बराबर मात्रा में लेकर चूर्ण बनालें। ३-३ ग्राम चूर्ण सुबह शाम दूध के साथ लेने से शुक्राणु अल्पता समाप्त होकर पुरुषत्व बढता है। * गोखरू को दूध में ऊबालकर सुखावें। यह प्रक्रिया ३ बार करें। फ़िर सुखाये हुए गोखरू का चूर्ण बनालें। ५ ग्राम की मात्रा में उपयोग करने से मूत्र संस्थान के रोग ,नपुंसकता और शुक्राणु अल्पता मे आशातीत लाभ होता है। * याद रहे सुबह ४ बजे और अपरान्ह में शरीर में शुक्राणुओं का स्तर उच्चतम रहता है। अत: गर्भ स्थापना के लिये ये समय महत्व के हैं। * मशरूम में प्रचुर ज़िन्क होता है इसके सेवन से वीर्य में शुक्राणु बढते हैं ।इसमे डोपेमाईन होता है जो कामेच्छा जागृत करता है। * भोजन में लहसुन और प्याज शामिल करें। शुक्राणु की गुणवत्ता बढाने के लिए यह करे उपाय..... * अखरोट खाने से पुरूषों में शुक्राणुओं की संख्या और उसकी गुणवत्ता दोनों बढ सकती है। * वैज्ञानिकों ने 20 से 30 वर्ष उम्र सीमा के युवकों के एक समूह को तीन महीने के लिए रोज 75 ग्राम अखरोट खाने को कहा। अनुसंधानकर्ताओंने पाया कि अखरोट नहीं खाने वाले पुरूषों की तुलना में ऎसा करने वाले पुरूषों के शुक्राणुओं की संख्या में और उसकी गुणवत्ता दोनों में बढोतरी हुई और उनके पिता बनने की संभावनाएं भी बेहतर हुईं। * अनुसीअनसेचुरेटेड वसा का मुख्य स्त्रेत है। अखरोट में मछली में पाया जाने वाला ओमेगा-3 और ओमेगा-6 भी पर्याप्त मात्र में होता है। * माना जाता है कि यह दोनों शुक्राणु के विकास और उसकी कार्यप्रणाली के बहुत महत्वपूर्ण होते हैं लेकिन ज्यादा पश्चिमी व्यंजनों में इसका अभाव होता है। प्रत्येक छह में से एक दंपति को गर्भधारण करने में समस्या आती है और ऎसा माना जा रहा है कि इसमें 40 प्रतिशत मामले पुरूष के शुक्राणु के कारण आते हैं।






Musht’zani Ki Aadat Toh Naujaawaano Ke Liye Sabse Zyada Tabaah’kun Hai, Kyonki Iske Liye Kisi Ladki Ya Ladke Ki Zaroorat Nahin Hoti, Balke Apne Haathon Se Nau’jawaan Apna Beda’garak Karte Hain,

Apne Haathon Se Apne Aazu (Private Part) Ko Masal Kar Ya Ragad Kar Usme Josh Paida Karte Hain Aur Phir Ragadne Ya Masalne Se Usme Lazzat Ke Saath Mani (Sperm) Nikal Aati Hai

Is Kaam Me Lazzat Mahsoos Hoti Hai Aur Rokne Waala Koi Nahin Hota,

Kisi Dusre Ko Iski Khabar Nahin Hoti Aur Ladke Khud Iske Nuksaan Se Waaqif Nahin Hote Isliye Jee Bhar Kar Musht’zani Karte Hain,

Aaj Kal Toh Schools Aur Colleges Ke Ladke Aur Ghair Shadi Shuda Naujawaan Must’zani Karte Hain

Modern Docters Aur Researcher Unhe Bataate Hain Ki Musht’zani Ka Koi Nuksaan Nahin Hai, Jee Bhar Kar Karo..

Halaanki Ye Tabaahi Ka Raasta Hai Jis Par Naujawaanon Ko Chalaane Ki Daawat Di Ja Rahi Hai,

Neeche Ham Musht’zani Ki Kuch Tabaah’kaariyan Darj Karte Hain


1- insaan Ki Sabse Badi Taaqat Uski Khud’aitmaadi, Kuwwat E Iraadi (Will Power) Hai,

Isi Ki Wajah Se Duniya Me Taraqqi Ki Ja Sakti Hai Aur Society Me Apna Maqaam Paida Kiya Ja Sakta Hai,

Agar Jism Kamzor Ho Jaaye Toh Insaan Chalti Firti Laash Bankar Rah Jaata Hai, Ehsaas E Kamtari Uspar Chha Jaati Hai, Aur Aage Badne Ka Jazba Murda Ho Jaata Hai, Yah Maza Tabaahi Ki Raah Par Daal Deta Hai

2- Iski Wajah Se Ziryaan (Dhaat) Mani Shuru Ho Jaati Hai Aur Sirf Shahwat (Sex) Bhadkaane Waali Baatein Sunkar Ya Kisi Khoobsoorat Ladki Ko Dekhkar Ya Tasweer Dekhkar Injaal Ho Jaata Hai Yani Mani (Sperm) Khaarij Jo Jaati Hai Aur Kapde Paleed Ho Jaate Hain

3- Dimaagh Aur Nigaah Kamzor Ho Jaate Hain,

4- Zehni Uljhane Badh Jaati Hain Aur Insaani Shakhsiyat Kai Hisson Me Bat Jaati Hai, Jo Tabaahi Ki Nishaani Hai,

5- Must’zani Ko Rokne Ke Liye Khud Par Control Nahin Rahta,

6- Tanhaayi Pasand Hokar zindagi Ke Hangaamon Me Kat Jaata Hai

7- Shadi Karne Se Ghabraata Hai Aur Kuch Ko Na’mard Maanne Lagta Hai

8- Aazu Ki Ragein (Veins) Ubhar Aati Hain, Tedha Ho Jaata Hai Aur Beech Se Patla Rah Jaata Hai

9- Aise Ladke Jawaan Hokar Aam Taur Par Akhlaaqi Mujrim Ban Jaate Hain

10- Kuch Padhne Ko Jee Nahin Chahta, Kuch Yaad Nahin Hota

11- Bechani, Udaasi, Mayoosi, Ghabraahat, Aur Jhijhak Us Par Taari Ho Jati Hai

12- Khelon Me Hissa Lene Se Ghabraata Hai

13- Neem-hakeemon, Thag- Doctoron Ke Chakkar Me Padhkar Apne Sehat Aur Zeb (Pocket) Dono Barbaad Kar Leta Hai, Kyonki Musht’zani Se Ziryaan, Ehtelaam, Aur Na’mardi Tak Ki Bimaariyan Paida Ho Jaati Hain

14- Is Aadat Ko Chhodna Kathin Ho Jaata Hai

15- Meda Kharaab Ho Jaata Hai, Bhook Marr Jaati Hai, Raat Ko Daraaune Khwaab Aate Hain

16- Chehra Har Waqt Be’raunaq Rahta Hai, Gaal Pichak Jaate Hain, Zinda Laash Bankar Rah Jaata Hai


Jin Baaton Se Bachne Ke Liye Hamne Ehtelaam Aur Ziryaan (Read Part 1 and 2) Ke Post Me Kaha Hai, Unse Bachen,

Zyada Tanhaayi Na Apnaayen, Kisi Na Kisi Kaam Me Masroof Rahen,

Acche Doston Ki Majlis Me Waqt Ghuzaaren,

Agar Aap Pabandi Se 5 Waqton Ki Namaz Padhen Aur Quraan Ki Tilaawat Karen Toh In sha allah must’zani Ki Aadat Khud Khatam Ho Jaayegi,

Apni Quwwat E Iraadi (Will Power) Se Kaam Len Aur Ainda Isse Baaz Rahne Ka Ahad Karen, Agar Ahad Ki Khilaaf’warzi Ho Jaaye Toh Maayoos Na Hon, Naye Sirre Se Ahad Karen,

Fursat Ke Waqt Me Musht’zani Ki Tabaaah’kaarion Par Thoda Ghaur Karen Aur Andaaza Karen Ki Kis Qadr Tabaahi Ka Khatra Hai, Fir Apne Dil O Dimaagh Aur Rooh Ko Is Baat Ki Ahmiyat Ka Ehsaas Dilaayen Ki Kyon Ham Mil Julkar Apni Tabaahi Ko Daawat Den, Yah Ehsaas Aapko Musht’zani Se Rok Dega,

Dar’asal Ladke Iski Tabaahi Se Waaqif Nahin Hote, Isliye Musht’zani Karte Hain,

Lekin Jaise Jaise Ki Unhe Uski Tabaah’kaariyaon Ka Tajurba Ya Ehsaas Ho Jaata Hai, Usse Baaz Aa Jaate Hain,


Kasrat Se ” Iyya Ka Naboodu Wa Iyya Kanas Taeen” Padha Karen,

Iske Maayene Hain

“Aiy Allah Ham Teri Hi Ibaadat Karte Hain Aur Tujh Hi Se Madad Chaahte Hain”

Lihaaza Zehan Me Yah Khyaal Jama Len Ki Allah Se Madad maangi Ja Rahi Hai Aur Wah Hamen Musht’zani Laanat Se Nijaat Dilwa Dega,

Jab Yah Khyaal Zehan Me Pukhta Ho Jaayega Ki Allah Paak Meharbaan Maabood Aur Madad Karne Waala Hai, Toh Musht’zani Ko Chhodhna Aasaan Ho Jaayega,

Kyonki Allah Ghaib Se Madad Farmaayega


IN Dawaion Ka Istemaal Karen

1- Stileegon Mothet Tinxture

2-Slix Nigra (Q)

 Dono Ki 10-10 Drops 1/4 Glass Paani Me Milaakar Subah Shaam Piya Karen, Jab Khwaahish Me Kami Aa Jaaye Toh Dawa Sirf Ek Baar Aur Jab Yah Buri Aadat Chhot Jaaye Toh Dawa Band Kar Den

3- Stphy Sagria Q :

Jab Musht’zani Ki Aadat Jaati Rahe Toh Uske Bure Anjaam Ko Door Karne Ke Liye Is Dawa Ki Zaroorat Hoti Hai,

Iski 15-15 Drops 1/4 Glass Pani Me Milaakar Subah Wa Shaam Piya Karen,

20 Din Ke Baad Band Kar Den Aur Agar Is Dauraan Jinsi (Sexual) Khwaahish Ya Shahwat Ya Mush’zani Ki Khwaahish Fir Ubhar Aaye Aur Dabne Se Na Dabe Balke Tang Karne Lage Toh Is Dawa Ko Band Karke Fir (Stileego Q) Aur (Silex Nigra Q) Istemaal Karen

Jab Tabiyat Normal Ho Jaaye Yaani Yah Bura Josh Jaata Rahe Toh Is Dawa Ko Bhi Band Kar Den,

Agar Must’zani Se Ziyaan , Jald Inzaal, Aur Kund’zehni Jaise Marz Paida Ho Jaayen Toh Yah Bhi (Stileego Q) Ke Istemaal Se Door Ho Jaate Hain,

Origanum Q :

Yah Bhi Musht’zani Ko Aur Uske Bure Asar Ko Door Karne Ke Liye Mufeed Dawa Hai, Aurton Me Khaas Taur Par Zyada Mufeed Hai..

By- Dr Asghar Ali Chaudhry

Allah Taala Logon Ki Must’zani Ki Bimaari Wa Laanat Se Bachaaye :…… Aamaeen


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